My travel bucket list just seems to keep getting fuller. Every time I cross off one destination an extra few slip in. The buckets always full! There are so many destinations on my list. The problem I have is every time I go somewhere new it wets my appetite for more adventures.

I write about great destinations across the UK, European city breaks and long haul holidays. You’ll regularly find me raising the flag for the UK as a great holiday destination. I know we are very fortunate in the UK to have so many National Parks on our door step. I use to live in the Peak District. I couldn’t of asked to wake up to a more quintessential English landscape on a daily basis. I also love being by the coast. North Norfolk, Cornwall, Devon and West Sussex boast beautiful sea views and are great areas to explore the British shores. Over the past few years I have escaped the humdrum of 9-5 in short bursts, venturing to a plethora of destinations across Europe. Check my page out for info on European city breaks.

The world is a big and exciting place. There are so many places I want to visit – near and far from home. To stretch myself, this year I have set the challenge of visiting 12 new countries/places in 2017. To get this challenge off to a great start I am taking the next few months off to travel. New Zealand is my first stop. Then on to South East Asia – Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia. I am excited to get going.

Let the fun begin!